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Dementia Directions

Individuals & All Those Within The Circle Of Care

Dementia Directions is here to help all people affected by memory loss and dementia, whether they are directly affected by symptoms or whether they are affected as a person within the circle of care who is providing support.

Our highly trained team will work with a range of professionals when providing your services, they may include general practitioners, memory clinics, geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, government services, counsellors, home care providers, support services and other health or age related departments.

Carers, Family & Legal Guardians

Our caring staff work directly with the person with symptoms of dementia, their carers, family or legal guardian. Dementia Directions specialises in supporting all people involved in the circle of care including those who live interstate or overseas, or family who have limited time due to work or other family commitments they may be juggling.

With proper consent, we can offer advocacy and support to individuals experiencing memory loss or dementia symptoms. This is especially helpful for family members or representatives who can not be present to provide assistance in person. We make sure to keep you well-informed and involved in everything related to the wellbeing of your loved one.

Individuals On Their Own

We are here to support people with memory loss or symptoms of dementia who do not have a person they would consider a carer or chosen representative. With appropriate consent, we work directly with the person with symptoms, mindful of maintaining their emotional and physical health. Where required, we work with public advocates and legal guardians to support the care needs of the person living with dementia.

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Contact us by using the referral form below. Please choose either the option as a healthcare provider/aged care provider, or a family member/friend of the individual requiring support.

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