Advocacy Services

Symptoms of dementia or memory loss can make it difficult for the person to communicate their wishes. If this is you or someone you know, our advocacy services ensure that your views and choices are listened to, and your rights are upheld.

Advocacy & Support

We understand that decision-making and personal freedom are vital for those living with dementia. Our advocacy services help to ensure that the views and rights of individuals with dementia are upheld. Family and carers also benefit from our personalised approach.

Our knowledgeable and experienced advocates can provide valuable assistance to those living with dementia. We strive to help individuals access necessary services and support while ensuring their views and choices are heard throughout their dementia journey. Our team can liaise with medical professionals, aged care providers, SACAT, and other relevant organisations to ensure your care and needs are met. With our support, families and carers can feel confident that their loved ones’ care is personalised and their rights are protected.


Our dementia advocacy services focus on maintaining the personal freedom and identity of those living with dementia. With our help, individuals with dementia can access vital services and support while ensuring personal choices are understood and met.

Aged Care
System Navigation

Navigating the aged care system can be daunting and overwhelming, especially with added complexity caused by symptoms of dementia. Our team can help guide you through the process, identifying available services and helping you access extra help at home.

Matching You With
A Home Care Provider

We understand that finding the right in-home care provider for individuals with dementia is crucial. Our team can help you find a provider that understands the unique requirements of dementia care, ensuring that your loved one receives the best possible support. We can assist with Government and Private funding options. We also provide help with additional government assessments if needed.

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At Dementia Directions, we offer a range of services to support individuals and families impacted by dementia. Our services include timely diagnosis, post-diagnosis support, and advocacy services. Whether you’re looking for help navigating the healthcare system or need support in making decisions about care, our compassionate and knowledgeable team is here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your loved ones live well with dementia.

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